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    I grew up in Louisville, KY and spent quite a few years as a baker.  I have always loved the chemistry of mixing ingredients and creating things that people will enjoy. Peace of the Earth was started in early 2006 after years of studying essential oils and buying natural products for my family.  Peace of the Earth was a way for me to combine all of my passions and have a business that I could take pride in - knowing that I was not only doing what was best for my own family, but best for the enviroment as well. I made my products in the basement of my home and sold the small line at fine art fairs and festivals and eventually added wholesale accounts and a website as well.  
    In fall of 2011, I opened my first retail/production shop in an area  of downtown called NuLu which stands for New Louisville.  It is a great neighborhood with quite a few eco-friendly stores and eateries. In 2012, my mother Marlene joined Peace of the Earth as a partner.  The products have came a long way in the past 5 years and there is always something new to test out!  We have learned how to source the finest ingredients, often local and organic, and all of our packaging is now eco-friendly down to the recycled paperboard and soy ink.  We are always looking for way to make our business more enviromentally friendly.  
    During my "spare" time, which there isn't too much of these days, I enjoy spending time with my children Kieran - age 10, and daughter Riley - age 5.  We love to have lazy Sunday mornings in our pajamas eating biscuits and jam.
    Peace of the Earth is a bit like a 3rd child to me, I have put so much hope and energy into it and have loved seeing it blossom over the past few years.  Opening the store was a dream come true for me, I enjoy getting to personally meet all of my customers and hear their feedback. In addition to our own product line, the shop sells a variety of eco-friendly home accesories, jewelry, children's bath items/toys, and much more.  It is the best smelling shop in Louisville too!  If you are ever passing through, stop by and say hello to me and mom!  


Leslie Bowers
Peace of the Earth 

Handmade in our shop in Louisville, Kentucky, every Peace of the Earth product is created from enviromentally friendly and cruelty free ingredients.  Our commitment to sustainability and passion for what we do is why we started the business.
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